Paradise in the Heart of Portugal

Our vision is a luxury olive resort in the heart of Portugals beautiful landscapes. Enjoy exclusive private residences. Taste our genuine Portuguese olive oil from our own orchard. And feel pure nature on your skin with our olive body care products.

Olive Resort

Exclusive private residences in the heart of our olive orchard.

Olive Oil

Our grandfather’s speciality: genuine Portuguese olive oil.

Olive Body Care

A sense of nature on your skin. Our olive body care products.

Olive Resort

A Dream Come True

Imagine your private residence in our olive orchard.

Call one of our seven exclusive private residences your second home. In the heart of an olive orchard. Right where we craft our Novolio Olive Oil from our grandfather’s secret recipe. Every detail of our Novolio Olive Resort is a masterpiece of Luxembourgian designer Nerick Vale. Feel the symbiosis of nature, architecture and luxury way of living.

Minimalist Architecture

Every detail is a masterpiece of Luxembourgian designer Nerick Vale. Spend some time off in your private residence right in our olive orchard.

Old Tradition & Modern Architecture

Never forget where you come from. This is why the old house of stone, where our grandfather once filled his very first bottles of olive oil, is the heart of our Novolio Olive Resort.

The Old Mill

It’s the heart of our Novolio Olive Resort. It’s where modern way of living meets old Portuguese traditions.

Pure Portuguese Nature

See, feel and smell pure nature in the heart of Portugal’s beautiful landscapes.

The Olive Tree

An olive tree can get over a thousand years old. It’s our responsibility to protect and preserve our nature’s heritage..

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Olive Oil

Genuine Portuguese Olive Oil

Our Grandfather’s Secret

From our earliest days, we still remember our grandfather working on his old olive press night and day. Every time he had managed to bring the taste of his olive oil to higher level, he started experimenting on further improvements right away. His insatiable passion has been an invaluable inspiration for us until the present day. Preserving his heritage, we protect his secret recipe and make what he loved most: genuine Portuguese olive oil.

Olive Body Care

Nature for Your Skin

There’s so much more you can do with an olive

All of us love olives for its oil. But we don’t intend to stop here. We use the healthy power of olives to make natural soap, body lotion, shower gel, shampoo, hand cream and face cream.


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